About the forager

I’m Vera the Fruit Hunter, and I’m pretty much obsessed with foraging.  I seem to just know if I’m in the vicinity of wild strawberries, and get a rush from hauling bags of mushrooms home.  Skip-diving, long-term loans and general reuse are also high on my list.

Professionally, I’m passionate about sustainable waste management systems and recycling, and aim to eliminate the notion of waste from our public consciousness.  But that’s a tall order.

I also love gardening, biking, astronomy, dinner parties, art shows, flash mobs and any chance to get out into nature.




7 Responses to About the forager

  1. Beth Tilston says:

    Hey Vera,

    Nice to meet you at the preserves course this evening. I just thought I would write and let you know about a foraging group I started a couple of years ago. It’s basically just a google group where people interested in foraging in Brighton can contact each other but it’s got about 50 people on it now, which (almost) a community… You can have a look at it here – http://groups.google.com/group/brightonforagers (or at least I think you can look at it. You have to ask to join, because of spammers, but I think you can read it).


  2. mark says:

    Hey Vera

    Nice blog….do you know anywhere I can’t find some crab apple trees round brighton. I’m wanting to make some apple and chilli jam in a few weeks.

    Best wishes

    • Vera says:

      Hey Mark, moot point at its January and well over a year since you have sent this, but I can tell you that there’s a lovely dark red crab apple tree on Springfield road. I hope that helps you next year!

  3. Kim Wilson says:

    Please could The Forager contact me ASAP about the possibility of doing a foraging walk at the end of September 2014? I would like to find out if you’re free and what you charge? Do you have a direct number I could call? Please call on 01903 742021. Thank you! Kim.

    • Vera says:

      Hi Kim, my apologies for such a late reply. I stepped away from this blog as my life got busier and busier. But I made an intention this year to return to it. I hope you visit again. And I hope you found someone for the foray. I may do walks in the future, but would like to get back to updating this blog in the meantime. Thank you.

  4. jadylollipop says:

    Hi Vera, I have looked at your blogs and found your experience is so amazing! I have recently get in touch with the word “urban foraging” and found it is really interesting. So recently I use this as my school project topic. However, I have no idea of how to start with. Could you tell me few examples of location and urban foraged food in Brighton? Thanks a lot!

    • Vera says:

      HI there! As a rule I don’t share exact locations publicly, not because I am unwilling to share with others, but more because I worry about a location being over-visited by eager foragers, and more importantly, because the essence of foraging is using your knowledge and your senses to find something wonderful yourself.

      As a starting point, I suggest you get the Collins pocket guide FOOD FOR FREE. It’s about £5 and is the BEST place to start. Research January and February wild foods and where to find them.

      Also, check out this website, which can help you find fruit trees in your local area… https://fallingfruit.org/ And please contribute when you find something too!

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