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Washed out Summer… to the beach then!

It’s been one lousy summer of rain. After a sunny March that caused the spring greens to bloom too early, we had what seemed like 3 months of almost constant rain. Normally I rejoice at rain and run off to … Continue reading

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Lilac Wine ~ hypnotised by a strange delight

I must admit I have failed you, my dear blog readers.  I’m still getting used to time-sensitive blogging, which is a necessity for a foraging almanac.  In any case, lilacs came and went so quickly this year, and we had … Continue reading

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No April Showers, but plenty of May Flowers.

May is a fairly quiet time in the garden.  Likewise, in May, you won’t find much in the way of berries or mushrooms to forager, and all the leafy greens have by now flowered, rendering their flavour too intense.  But … Continue reading

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Wild Garlic Recipes Galore

Wild Garlic is a bit of a muse in the foraging world.  When you walk past a forest floor covered in those tender blades, the gentle scent of garlic overwhelms your senses, and you’re suddenly fantasizing about sunny kitchens, dinner … Continue reading

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Springwatch ~ Ground Elder and other tasty weeds

March is all about young leafy greens.  They’re the first things that start shooting up out of the crumbly earth and leaf litter in February, and they’re some of the first to flower in April and May. In the photo … Continue reading

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March Madness ~ Wild Garlic

Forgive me for playing catch-up, as I’m already more than a month behind! For me, the seasons start with March.  That’s when the first choice edible greens appear, and the Equinox passes, so it seems fitting.  Plus, the wild foods … Continue reading

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A Free Feast

Few things compare in this world.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of gathering your food in the wild (or in your urban wilderness) and nourishing your body with it.  But it just feels right. And yet most people know … Continue reading

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